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When The Dust Settles – Jason Foss

5th May 2015

Every other Tuesday we feature a publication from leading independent publisher Endeavour Press.

When The Dust Settles- Jason Foss

When the young archaeologist Maddy Crowe is drafted in to work as costume advisor on a major feature film about the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, she soon finds herself in the backbiting company of Hollywood actors – and a long way from her normal, safe world of academia.

But things are about to get much worse.

The mood on the set quickly turn sour when an unknown writer arrives, claiming that the director stole his plot.

And twenty minutes after he disappears people lie on the floor, bleeding from near-fatal gunshot wounds.

The writer is now the police’s prime suspect and a massive manhunt is underway.

But Maddy Crowe knows something is amiss.

Why weren’t the high-profile director, production assistants, or actors targeted by the killer?

She can’t believe that these two co-workers, a historian and a special effects coordinator, could have been the target of an assassination attempt. It’s all too convenient, and nobody’s asking the right questions.

In an attempt to clear the writer’s name, Maddy pairs up with fellow archaeologist and film-adviser, Dr Jeremy Flint to conduct her own private investigation.

Marauding through film sets from southern England to the Scottish Highlands, she must use her intuition to figure out who was behind the attack, and who the intended target might have been.

But Maddy is about to find out that some things are better left in the past…

‘When the Dust Settles’ is a thrilling crime thriller, which delves into the ancient past while surging through the technological present.

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