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Submitting for CWA Competitions: In at the Kill

20th February 2024

The deadline’s getting close! So here’s some last-minute advice for you on the practicalities of submitting. Please remember the rule: if you have any problems with your Debut Dagger submission, you m...

Notes on Word Count for CWA Writing Competitions

20th February 2024

Different competitions have different rules – and different levels of rigour in the way they apply them. For the Debut Dagger we are super-strict. We ask for entries not to exceed 3,000 words (1,500 w...

Debut Dagger Writing Tips

19th February 2024

Here are tips from recent newsletters compiled for you by Dea Parkin, the CWA’s Competitions Coordinator (and professional editor). If you’re at the stage where your entry is finished and you’re into...

Fear Not the Details … by Paul Gitsham

25th March 2020

One of the scariest things about writing contemporary police procedurals is the attention to detail that is necessary. To write a modern police investigation that feels authentic requires some insight...

Leigh RussellCRA Writing Tips: Editing

26th September 2013

A quotation from George Orwell is probably the best place to start when we are thinking about editing:’If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’ Remember that writing for a...

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