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The CRA was set up by the Crime Writers' Association to give readers news and information from their favourite authors along with tips for beginners working in the genre.

Martin-EdwardsMartin Edwards - CWA Chair


Dead Letters Christine PoulsonChristine Poulson

Before Christine Poulson turned to crime, she was a respectable academic with a PhD in History of Art and had written widely on nineteenth-century art and literature. Her book, The Quest for the Grail...

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Where I write and why it matters, by California-based author Dylan H Jones

11th April 2017 by

Today, there’s a commotion in the cafe. It’s seven fifteen on a Sunday morning and the barista is nowhere to be found. In the kitchen, the mostly Mexican cooks and servers are shrugging their shoulder... Read more

So Where Do We Go From Here? Crime fiction today, by Ayo Onatade

11th April 2017 by

Crime fiction can always in my opinion hold its head up amongst all the other different genres. It is the most read, borrowed and written. In fact, I would go as far to say that it is at the top of th... Read more

Crime Writing and Reggie Kray, by retired cop Paul Harrison

11th April 2017 by

As an ex-cop turned crime writer, I have now had 30 plus books traditionally published in the true crime genre. I was still in the police when my first book was published, yet another book about Jack... Read more

Case Files 25

31st March 2017 by

The latest issue of Case Files has just been sent out to CRA members. Join the Crime Readers’ Association for all the latest information on newly published/forthcoming crime novels and fascinati... Read more

E S Thomson Finds Time for Crime

28th March 2017 by

Recently, the fabulous Denise Mina remarked that crime writers were expected to write a book a year – an extraordinary undertaking for any writer. ‘Yes,’ I thought.  ‘She’s right!  Even worse, some of... Read more

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