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The CRA was set up by the Crime Writers' Association to give readers news and information from their favourite authors along with tips for beginners working in the genre.

Martin-EdwardsMartin Edwards - CWA Chair


Stella Duffy

Stella Duffy is an award-winning writer with over seventy short stories, fourteen plays written and devised, and sixteen novels published in fifteen languages. She has twice won the CWA Short Story Da...

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CWA Dagger Awards Dinner 2018 Amazing Success

6th November 2018 by

The CWA Dagger Awards 2018 was a sumptuous event full of glamour, with the glitterati of the crime publishing world in attendance: publishers, agents and especially authors. It was tense and nerve-wra... Read more

Writing A Series by Leigh Russell

31st October 2018 by

Many authors of series work out in advance how their protagonist is going to develop through each book. I’d like to say my own series was carefully planned in this way, but the truth is I never set ou... Read more

Criminal Law In the Blood by Ruth Mancini

31st October 2018 by

In the Blood was inspired by a real-life case. I was waiting in court one morning when a young woman was brought up from the cells. The charge was murder, the victim her newborn child. I’ve dealt with... Read more

How Working in a Safe-House influenced my Writing

31st October 2018 by

AJ Waines chats to the CRA about the background to her latest psychological thriller, Perfect Bones. I can honestly say that when it comes to personal experience of the ‘criminal mind’, fact, for me,... Read more

Get Ready for Killer Women

8th October 2018 by

The third Killer Women Festival is on 21 October in Brown’s Courtrooms, Covent Garden, London. Headliners include Mark Billingham, Sophie Hannah, Paula Hawkins, CWA Dagger shortlisted Mick Herro... Read more

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