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The CRA was set up by the Crime Writers' Association to give readers news and information from their favourite authors along with tips for beginners working in the genre.

Martin-EdwardsMartin Edwards - CWA Chair


Sam Blake

Sam Blake is a pseudonym for Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, the founder of The Inkwell Group publishing consultancy and the award winning  national writing resources website She is Ireland...

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Get Ready for Killer Women

8th October 2018 by

The third Killer Women Festival is on 21 October in Brown’s Courtrooms, Covent Garden, London. Headliners include Mark Billingham, Sophie Hannah, Paula Hawkins, CWA Dagger shortlisted Mick Herro... Read more

The Curious Case of the Pheasant and the Dog, by Peter Tickler

8th October 2018 by

Where do you get your ideas from? Almost every author ever published will have been asked this question at some stage.  And in the case of my latest crime novel White Lies, Deadly Lies, there are two... Read more

Interview with Sarah Ward, author of The Shrouded Path

4th September 2018 by

The Shrouded Path by Derbyshire-based author Sarah Ward is out on 6 September. She talks to the CRA about her new book.    Q: This is the fourth novel in your DC Connie Childs series. Is it easier to... Read more

Spooky fifteen-inch robot provides inspiration for Kate Ellis

2nd September 2018 by

Every book begins with a flash of inspiration, something that triggers an idea and starts a plot flowing. The initial idea for The Mechanical Devil was a newspaper article about a sixteenth century ro... Read more

An Appointment with The Wicker Man, by Charles E McGarry

2nd September 2018 by

I sometimes wonder if Robin Hardy’s cult movie The Wicker Man holds a magical allure for me because I was born at the same time as it was being filmed. This is probably vanity, as the film, the grandd... Read more

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