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Travels around Scotland – Pamela St Abbs

19th June 2014

Out on the motorbike in the Scottish sunshine, enjoying the smells of cut grass, the walking boots swapped for motorbike boots. We leave the M9 motorway by Doune.  I ride pillion so I get the chance to look at the views. Doune castle is stunning rising up from the river Teith. The water runs deep and fast at this time of year. From there the road goes through to Callender. Pleasant farm land rolls by through to this traditional Scottish town with a main street and stone buildings some with little round towers. This is at the base of the hills of the Trossachs. The river Teith devides after Callander forming Eas Gobhain and Garbh Uisage. The road follows Garbh Uisage. The water is white with foam as it cascades over the rocks full of the kinetic energy from the hills that feed it. A quick glance shows a yellow canoe chancing the rush offered by Garbh Uisage. Suddenly we are upon the deep still waters of Loch Lubnaig – a serene and thrilling view.


the auther in Rowling country_resized
We stop at Loch Earnhead for a mug of tea and watch the wet suited visitors being towed in rubber rings by speed boats around the loch. Always entertaining.


sma glen in the winter_resized
We follow the road a little further up following the River Dochart through the stunning high sided hills of Glen Ogle. At LIX, thought to be short for Legion of the ninth, we turn off the road. Following the river Dochart which reaches Killin where the ancient crossing is over large stones. An island in the middle forces the water at speed over the rocks. The sun warms the flat stones there and we take in the air and relax before returning home travelling along the northern side of Loch Tay. Refreshments are taken at Aberfeldy’s Watermill book shop.


falls at Aberfeldy_resized


Back in the saddle we travel up the hill on the road to Crieff, following through to the Sma Glen where in the winter we came to enjoy the snow. From Crieff we ride down to Gleneagles and pass the famous golf course. We cross the A9 and go through the twisting Glen Devon road.

What another great day out on the motorbike!


Pamela St Abbs (Mary Bale) was born to RAF parents who took her at three months old to California USA. As a toddler she returned to England where she moved about with her parents until settling in Norfolk for the next forty years. Read more


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