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Three, Three The Rivals By Anthea Fraser

25th August 2015

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Three, Three The Rivals by Anthea Fraser

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When Sheila Fairchild wakes one night from a chilling nightmare, it brings back painful memories of the nightmares she suffered as a child.

The following day, a prominent local landowner Billy Makepeace is found dead in the canal.

It soon emerges that his death is anything but innocent, but when Sheila’s brother DCI Webb is assigned to the case, he has every reason for not wanting to get involved.

Makepeace was an old rival of his father’s and it seems inevitable the investigation will stir up painful memories of an early life he had hoped to put behind him.

But many questions still need to be answered.

Why did Billy Makepeace telephone Sheila on the night he died? Especially when the two families, because of the old feud, never spoke.

Why should Makepeace also have telephoned the local vicar?

And whatever became of the third rival, Dick Vernon, who disappeared without a trace decades ago?

When it emerges that Sheila’s nightmares may have their origins in a dreadful truth, it seems that DCI Webb may have to solve two murders instead of just one.

In doing so, he may just find out the real reasons why there were three, three the rivals.

‘Three, Three, The Rivals’ is another absorbing detective mystery from Anthea Fraser in the DCI Webb series.


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