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The Subsequent Wife by Priscilla Masters

3rd February 2022

Jennifer Lomax is just twenty-one but she’s already taken some hard knocks in life. So when older, reserved and enigmatic widower Steven Taverner asks her to marry him, she’s desperate to believe she’s found true love and stability.

But Jennifer also knows there’s something not quite right about her husband. What secrets is he hiding about his first wife, Margaret? Why does he refuse to talk about her? She feels she must uncover the truth – but soon wishes she hadn’t.

The Subsequent Wife is a standalone mystery set in Stoke-on-Trent. Besides writing standalones, author Priscilla Masters is known for her DI Joanna Piercy and Coroner Martha Gunn series, both largely set in Shropshire, and her forensic psychiatrist Dr Claire Roget series, set in Stoke.

Read more about Priscilla here.

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