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The Quick and the DeadThe Quick and the Dead

11th August 2015

Every other Tuesday we feature a publication from leading independent publisher Endeavour Press.

The Quick and the Dead by Alison Joseph (Download for free on 11.08.15)

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Sister Agnes is facing a crisis of faith.

Working in a hostel for the homeless, Sam, a sixteen-year-old runaway, is forced to return to her family and then goes missing, and Agnes begins to question her relationship with God.

Furious with the authorities, she feels she must do what she can to pull the runaway girl back from the brink of self-destruction.

She sets out on a mission to find Sam and finds herself with a group of anti-road protesters in their tree-top encampment at the edge of Epping Forest.

Amidst the beggars, travellers and anarchists, Sam is revelling in their fireside talk of apocalypse.

But she is also contemplating returning to live with the father who deserted her sixteen years earlier and who, suspiciously to Agnes’s mind, has suddenly re-appeared.

For the moment however Sam seems secure at the camp, a magic fortress in the sky, though its tents and tree houses can only provide a temporary bulwark against destruction.

But even that safety is illusory. Only hours after Agnes’s arrival a body is found. Of a brutally murdered young girl…

‘The Quick and the Dead’ is a gripping crime thriller featuring inventive and original heroine Sister Agnes.

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