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The Low Down

28th June 2013

Writer: Richard Godwin
Area:    London
Day job: Full time writer 

One Lost Summer is by Richard Godwin. Here, we take a look at both writer and his forthcoming work.

  • So, why should we read it?

It is a haunting summer novel. It dramatises an intense, Noir story of fractured identity and ruined nostalgia, and contains many dark surprises as the protagonist becomes obsessed by his beautiful neighbour.

  • Did it take much research?

A fair bit about cameras and film making.

  • In 3 words, how will it leave us feeling?

Nostalgic, breathless, amazed.

  • What sparked the original idea?

I was thinking about the extent to which we can know anyone, how fragile our identities are, the fact that we live in an age of surveillance, and the nature of reality.

  • What’s your 5 year plan?

Write ten more novels and buy a Lear Jet.

  • Do you vote?


  • Your house is on fire. Which book do you save?

Charles Dickens Great Expectations.

One Lost Summer was released on June 14 by Black Jackal Books Ltd.

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