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The Daily Grind – Stella Whitelaw

5th March 2014

My work space

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I work at an oval dining room table.  It’s vacated on Christmas Day.  It’s jam-packed with papers and reference books as I write both books and short stories.

Take a closer look

EPSON scanner image

There’s a long view of tree-filled garden leading down to a stream.  Look carefully and you’ll see a pheasant. Spot Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp photos on the cork board – also my cat snoozing in the filing tray.  Watercolour on the wall is a story illustration.

How long do you write for each day?

I write in the morning and the evening.  Since recent major surgery, I need to chill out in the afternoon.

How many words do you aim to get down?

I aim to write 1,000 words a day.  On a good day, I’ll carry on and write more.

 Longhand or straight-to-screen?

I write straight to the screen, but long-hand on a train.  I never waste a journey.

 Do you have a time when you’re most productive?

It varies.

 An internet connection – good or bad when you’re writing?

I have two computers in different rooms. I do a lot of walking.  The one with internet, email etc often has hiccups.  My writing computer never touches the outside world and it is wonderful.


Jazz and Die (published February 2014) and The Prosecco Fortune (later this year) are both by Stella Whitelaw.


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