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The Daily Grind: Chris Collett

2nd July 2013

Writer: Chris Collett

Workspace: I work in our office (ie. box room) overlooking a leafy street on the Bournville Village Trust. While working, I am closely monitored for productivity by our ageing Yorkshire Terrier.

Take a closer look: The fearsome looking ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ were brought back by my son from the Gambia.

How long do you write for each day?

Depends on the day; I teach full-time, so fiction has to be fitted around that. During term-time it may only be an hour, but in the holidays about six hours.

How many words do you aim to get down?

On a full day I’d hope for a thousand words (which will probably be almost entirely deleted the following day!)

Longhand or straight-to-screen? 

Straight to screen, though some planning in long hand.

Do you have a time when you’re most productive? 

Early mornings or evenings.

An internet connection – good or bad when you’re writing? 

Great for research but avoided at other times.

Blood and Stone (A Tom Mariner Mystery)
was released June 31 by Severn House.

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