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The Apothecary’s House

16th June 2015

Every other Tuesday we feature a publication from leading independent publisher Endeavour Press.

The Apothecary’s House by Adrian Mathews (Download for FREE today 16.06.2015)

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When an old woman storms into the Rijksmuseum demanding the return of her painting, archivist Ruth Braams cannot quell her curiosity.

Ruth delves into the history of the piece of looted Nazi art and discovers an enigmatic picture with a disturbing wartime provenance.

It also appears that the elderly Lydia is not the only claimant and, against strict bureau regulations, Ruth endeavours to help strengthen her case.

Days later, Ruth begins to receive sinister anonymous threats, warning her to stay away from Lydia and the painting.

As the threats escalate, Ruth realizes that there must be far more to the painting’s popularity, and she enters a series of increasingly lethal adventures as she investigates its secret symbolism. . .

Why did Hitler want this picture?

Who was its obscure creator?

And who are the figures in the painting?

In trying to answer these questions, Ruth plummets into a world of grasping ambition and blighted love, where art and occult science join forces to take a staggering leap into the future.

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