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Sunday Reading: CWA Anthology

15th September 2013

Click by Alison Joseph

‘You’d know if he was dead, though, wouldn’t you? Your own husband…..’

She stared into the black water. Around her the trees dripped with recent rain.

Would I? she wondered.

It was all very well for Rosemary to say that, pouring her yet another cup of coffee in her warm kitchen. Trying to help, of course. ‘I mean, put it this way, Sheila, no news is good news, in my view David has just wandered off, memory loss, you know the kind of thing, I saw a programme on the telly about it, people just forget who they are sometimes, they’ll find him safe and sound, trust me….’

Safe and sound.

She left the lake and headed through the trees, her Wellingtons squelching in the mud. Six days he’d been missing. Five and a half days since her phone call to the police, reporting that her husband hadn’t come back. Yes, she’d said, uncharacteristic. Very out of character, she’d agreed. A solicitor, she said. Semi-retired. Concentrating on the garden these days, and his antique collecting, a bit of tennis too, although his knee had been playing up…. Our marriage? We’d been married thirty-two years last August. ‘Any problems in your marriage, madam?’ No, she’d said. No problems. ‘Ours was a happy marriage,’ she’d told the police officer.

The damp branches shivered in the cold wind.

A happy marriage.

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Alison Joseph’s first book about Sister Agnes was Sacred Hearts, published in 1994, and the most recent title in the series is A Violent Act. She has worked in local radio, and is the author of a number of radio plays; she has also adapted books written by other writers for radio. Alison is the current Chair of the CWA.

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