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Summer in San Remo by Evonne Wareham

3rd September 2017

Summer in San Remo enjoyed a secret book launch.

The author, Evonne Wareham, writes: “Secrets are fascinating. Crime writers thrive on them. There would probably be a lot fewer crime books written without them. My romantic thrillers certainly hinge on them.

Which is why I was suitably intrigued when my publishers proposed a ‘secret’ launch for my latest book – Summer in San Remo. The book is a new genre for me – a romantic comedy, lightly dusted with crime, set on the Italian Riviera. And yes, there is a secret involved.

Publishers are always looking for something different. The ‘secret’ launch was a new idea that mine were trying out.

But how do you keep a launch secret? Isn’t the point to let the world know about a new book?

Of course, it’s all down to the way it’s done. No pre-orders, no cover reveal, and pre-publicity limited to teasers announcing the release date, when everything goes live with a bang.

I was happy to try, so Summer in San Remo was kept under wraps until publication day. It was frustrating not to be able to share my cover in advance, as I had fallen in love with it the moment I saw it. It was strange, too, not to be promoting the book, except for those teasers.

Publication day arrived, with suitable fanfare. I watched verdicts come in from reviewers who had been let in on the ‘secret’. The first one was up before 8 am! I’m pleased to say the response to cover and contents were good. It was a fun day.

Crime writers love secrets.”

Evonne Wareham

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