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Shrine to Murder By Roger Silverwood

9th September 2015

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Shrine to Murder by Roger Silverwood

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Bromersley. A small, peaceful town in Yorkshire.

But when it is hit by a spate of brutal murders, the community is thrown into turmoil.

An elderly man is found murdered in his bed, killed by a single, precise stab wound to the chest, and on a mirror the killer has left a message painted in his victim’s blood.

Soon after another body appears, with another chilling message from the mysterious murderer.

Detective Inspector Michael Angel is put in charge of the desperate search for the serial killer.

But the clues to the killer’s identity are as sparse as they are puzzling.

A character in early Roman dress is observed at every murder and a laurel leaf is left on every corpse. The DNA evidence links a woman of oriental origin to the murders but this profile doesn’t fit any of the suspects.

With the death count rising, Angel is in a race against the clock to find the killer.

Can he prevent further bloodshed?

Or is he powerless to stop this town’s chilling Shrine to Murder?


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