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Sherlock Holmes & The Holborn Emporium – Val Andrews

7th April 2015


Every other Tuesday we feature a publication from leading independent publisher Endeavour Press.

Sherlock Holmes & The Holborn Emporium – Val Andrews

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London, 1903. 

Forrage’s, the world-famous emporium, and normally a place of wonder and intrigue, has had a shadow cast over it. 

A.W.Forrage is being sabotaged by an unknown source. Cryptic threats are being sent, and his customers are in danger. 

Desperate to save the store from closure Forrage seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. 

Ordered to keep the scandal from the police, Sherlock and Watson begin to decipher the riddles as they are sent in. 

The clock is ticking as they race from the depths of Santa’s Grotto in the basement, to the mysteries of the conjuring department. 

Who would want to damage the reputation of the famous shop? 

And, more importantly, who would want to inflict harm on unsuspecting children? 

They must be a close associate; only someone who knows the particulars of the store could undertake the heinous acts undetected. 

And with notable peers who have shares in his store, there is no lack of motive… 

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