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Front cover of Murder Will Out Alison JosephMurder Will Out- Alison Joseph

23rd December 2014

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Murder Will Out – Alison Joseph

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The Great War is over, but the ghosts of the dead still linger. 

Agatha Christie was one of the lucky ones – her husband returned from the conflict – and for her, and her local neighbours, life has resumed. 

Agatha is beginning to gain some notoriety for her crime writing and she is busy working on her latest novel. 

But then her neighbour tells her there has been a real ‘murder at the vicarage’ – a young man, Cecil Coates, has been poisoned, and due to Christie’s expertise in the crime genre, the neighbourhood wants her to investigate. 

At first Agatha is reluctant to get involved. After all, she is a writer, not a detective. 

But then Robert Sayer, godson of her neighbour, and one of the main suspects in the case, appeals to her directly for help, and she finds herself being drawn in… 

What secrets and lies are lying beneath the village’s tranquil exterior? 

Can Agatha Christie use her imagination to draw the murderer out? 

Alison Joseph is a London-based crime writer and radio dramatist. She is the author of the series of novels featuring Sister Agnes, a contemporary detective nun based in South London, and has written numerous plays for radio, including the adaptations of Simenon’s Inspector Maigret series broadcast on BBC Radio 4. She is currently chair of the Crime Writers Association. 

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.


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