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Mark Roberts The Sixth SoulMark Roberts, The Sixth Soul

7th December 2013

Mark Roberts was born, lives and works in Liverpool.  He was a mainstream teacher for twenty years and for the last eleven has worked as a special school teacher.  A stint spent writing for the theatre resulted in two things: a Manchester Evening News Best Play of the Year award and his nickname, Dark Mark.  The, shall we say, disquieting side of his imagination finds free reign in The Sixth Soul!

The Sixth Soul.

London is in the grip of a barbaric serial killer, dubbed Herod by the tabloid press.  Four pregnant women have been abducted in quick succession, their bodies mutilated and dumped.  When a fifth woman is taken from her home in the dead of night, DCI David Rosen knows that time is running out to save her…

Then Rosen gets a mysterious phone call from Father Sebastian Flint, an enigmatic priest who seems to know too much about the abductions. The investigation takes a disturbing turn when it emerges that Father Flint was once the leading expert on the occult at the Vatican. Then Rosen discovers the existence of an ancient text – said to be the Satanic answer to the Bible – that the true horror that is Herod begins to unfold…

Release date: October 2013.

Publisher: Corvus

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Profano-Meter – Mild

Platelet-Counter  – Ugh


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