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Immortal Madonna by Yvonne CroweImmortal Madonna by Yvonne Crowe

20th January 2015

Every other Tuesday we feature a publication from leading independent publisher Endeavour Press.

The Immortal Madonna – Yvonne Crowe  Free Kindle Edition today (20.01.2015)
What’s it all about?

Nicolina Fabiani, an award-winning journalist, is still in trouble with the Knights of Malta, after she exposed their involvement in the corruption of the Catholic Church. 

And now, she has once again found herself crossing their paths. 

After a hair-raising experience reporting on war crimes in Syria, Lina is rescued by David Baron a Professor of Ancient Languages, and undercover Mossad agent. 

David is determined to track down The Immortal Madonna, an ancient Middle-Eastern goddess, originally called NIN-TI, who’s story was absorbed by the Roman Catholic Church. 

Lina joins him on his quest, but it soon becomes clear they are being followed. 

Are the Knights of Malta also after The Immortal Madonna? 

What will happen if her power is unleashed? 

Is she a force for good, or for evil? 

And what do the Knights want with her? 

Nicolina and David must stay one step ahead of her old nemesis as they try to decipher the clues which could uncover a ground-shattering revelation about the origins of mankind… 

‘The Immortal Madonna’ is a fast paced Historical Thriller, reaching a shattering climax for a world poised the brink of disaster…. It is the follow up to ‘The Magdalene Conspiracy’ and is perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Chris Malburg and Tom Haase. 

‘thoroughly entertaining book that questions the origins of mankind and religion.’ – Mark Nemcoff, author of ‘Fatal Sunset’ 

‘The author has at least matched the quality of her first book in this series with another riveting thriller. Like book one, this compelling yarn held me from start to finish; only the interruption of a night’s sleep prevented me from completing it in one sitting!’ – Sterling Gate Books. 

Yvonne Crowe was born in Auckland, New Zealand and loved reading as a child, using it as a form of escapism. She spent part of her childhood living in Fiji but after marrying she spent many years living and working in Australia and the United States. She is also the author of ‘The Magdalene Conspiracy’. Find out more about her books on her website: 

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent digital publisher.

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