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RefusalFelix Francis: The Low Down

2nd August 2013

Writer:  Felix Francis
Area:    North Oxfordshire
Day job: Ex-physics teacher but now full time writer, and dog-minder

 Refusal (Dick Francis Novel)
is by Felix Francis. Here, we take a look at both writer and his forthcoming work.

  • So, why should we read it?Don’t take my word for it – consult Booklist: This is fascinating reading on every level, from the neatly calibrated plot, moving from suspense to terror, to all the details of the racing world Francis provides. Sid Halley is now, as before, an utterly complex, interest-holding character. And the final, moral turn that Francis makes of “Refusal” is brilliant.
  • Did it take much research?A fair bit. In particular I had to research the character of Sid Halley from his four previous appearances in my father’s books.
  • In 3 words, how will it leave us feeling?Hyperventilating with excitement!
  • What sparked the original idea?In 1971 my father, Dick Francis, wrote a book called Bonecrack
    that was not a “whodunit”. The reader knows who is the villain in the second chapter. It was more a “how-do-I-get-out-of-this” book. I wanted to write something similar.
  • What’s your 5 year plan?5 more books, and to build my “likes” on Facebook into the tens of thousands
  • Do you vote?Yes, always if I’m at home on election day. I have an American friend who never voted until I told her she couldn’t justifiably complain unless she voted. Now she votes and complains all the time!

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