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Featured Author Friday – Sally Spedding

20th February 2015

Last week we had a great post from our Featured Author, Sally Spedding, but I know you want to know a little bit more about her…..

My crime chillers explore the darkest sides of people and places, and I’m afraid it’s my late, Dutch uncle Herman who’s to blame. Seriously. He was determined that aged 11, I visit the Grönigen Museum in Bruges to see its exhibition of the Flemish School masters.

I came away changed for ever by the surreally detailed depictions of merciless cruelty, all painted in oils on wood. All in luscious,vivid colour, and the more I learned of my family’s history during the Occupation, the more they continued to resonate.

How rare were places of safety, despite the war being over. How beauty, even comforting ordinariness, can disguise evil.

In my writing, I’m driven to explore why people do what they do. What has shaped them and the places they inhabit, and through research and the eye of an artist – which I was before being published – my discoveries are both thrilling and frightening. Cut to the Bone, my ninth chiller, will be published in March 2015.

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