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11th January 2017

The latest issue of Case Files was out at the beginning of February. Ten newly released or forthcoming novels from CWA members are profiled. These include ingenious plots from within the UK alongside dark dramas set in Afghanistan, Berlin and Ohio.

You’ll also find some revealing insights into crime writers’ routines and the answers to who is behind these weird claims and strange confessions!

  • Which contributor once saved a dachshund from a pair of irritated emus at an alligator farm in Florida? (Yes, you did read that right.)
  • Which contributor is married to writer Zillah Bethell, whose children’s debut was one of The Telegraph’s Best Children’s Books of 2016?
  • Which contributor (who has also written a book on cricket), once dropped Mike Gatting at Lord’s?
  • Which contributor, while at a meeting of twelve professional psychologists, noted that eight of them – including herself – were left-handed? Sinister!
  • Which contributor took up boxing with a group of former soldiers in order to better research a plot – and has a broken nose to prove it?
  • Which contributor, while working as a TV reporter, ‘captured’ on film a ghost that haunted a Lincoln Bomber at RAF Cosford?
  • Which contributor went to school in Botswana? And Zimbabwe. And then France. And also the United States and Turkey.
  • Which contributor was once ranked 24th in the world for women’s snooker, before being banned for life for bringing the game into disrepute?
  • Which contributor, while creeping around the chicken sheds of a battery farm in order to research a novel, was cornered by the farmer and his very aggressive Alsatian dog?
  • Which contributor cites Shakespeare as her ‘favourite crime writer’ and says her work is influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle?

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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