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Case Files 26

23rd May 2017

Case Files issue 26 – out soon!

Case Files is an ezine that profiles new or forthcoming novels from members of the Crime Writers’ Association.
Subscribing is free – and it let’s you discover which contributors in the forthcoming issue are behind these weird facts and odd confessions!

  • Which CWA member has played darts against two former world champions? (He did not emerge victorious…)
  • Which CWA member just discovered that famous American gunsmith, R G Owen, was her great uncle?
  • Which CWA member regularly receives plot suggestions from her mother-in-law? (And is taken aback at how blood-thirsty the woman is!)
  • Which CWA member almost lost her writing fingers when she pulled out a stray scalpel in a doctor’s coat, while working in a psychiatric hospital’s laundry?
  • Which CWA member’s husband was best man at her first wedding, back in 1978?
  • Which CWA member held the school record for being given most detentions in a single term?
  • Which CWA member does a lot of writing on the cricket field? (He opens the batting, usually gets out early, then has hours to write.)
  • Which CWA member, while flying in a two-seater glider above Essex, decided it was time to leave the UK altogether? (No offence to Essex…)
  • Which CWA member is a linguist who has edited twelve dictionaries covering fifteen languages?
  • Which CWA member practices transcendental meditation? (She still has no problem coming up with murder and mayhem every day; she’s just really calm while she’s doing it.)
  • Which CWA member once warned an Edinburgh Fringe punter off attending a show because it was the ‘worst she’d ever seen.’ (He was, of course, the writer. She awaits the karma for this every day of her writing life.)
  • Which CWA member once had the honour of shaking the hand of E.M. Forster?Which CWA member has typed every one of his novels (over twenty) using just one finger?
  • Which CWA member was bucked off a 12.2 hands high North American pony – and survived to tell the tale?
  • Which CWA member is such a fan of the Fighting Irish that he will watch any sport –however obscure – in which they are involved?
  • Which CWA member recently bought a 1932 Imperial Good Companion typewriter? (He now realises how easy life as a modern writer is!)
  • Which CWA member went parasailing for the first time when in her sixties? (And screamed the whole time…)
  • Which CWA member once played the villain in a panto, complete with saggy red tights?

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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