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Case Files 25

31st March 2017

The latest issue of Case Files has just been sent out to CRA members.
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In the latest issue of Case Files, you can learn:

  • Which CWA member was a legal adviser to Liverpool Football Club for twenty years?
  • Which CWA member discovered – after years of getting covered in mud, frozen, and soaked – the memorial to the late poet laureate, Ted Hughes, on Dartmoor?
  • Which CWA member signs books using a special signature designed at a Pizza Hut on the outskirts of Gloucester?
  • Which CWA member, during a particularly strange day as a youth on his father’s farm, tried out bullfighting with a live bull? (Both bull and boy survived the experience!)
  • Which CWA member, while selling copies of his horror novels, was approached by James Herbert who wanted to buy one? (He was so over-awed, he gave it to him for free.)
  • Which CWA member has travelled all over the world to research her novels – but lives within two miles of a deserted Leicestershire village where she can trace her family back to the 1600s?
  • Which CWA member bakes sourdough bread using a jar of ferment called Dr Pretorius, named after the renegade scientist from the film, Bride of Frankenstein?
  • Which CWA member started his working life managing a very large sheep farm high up on the slopes of Mt. Kenya?
  • Which CWA member was once a guinea pig for a taste test on a lethally poisoned curry? (She survived – with a totally numbed tongue.)
  • Which CWA member has a PhD in chimpanzee psychology? (Which she now finds very useful, since she has a small child.)
  • Which CWA member speaks five languages and, if they gave them out, would have a doctorate in international swearing?
  • Which CWA member was awarded an MBE in 2014 for services to literature?
  • Which CWA member once appeared as a character in a book, only to be eaten by a giant mutant pig? (Still, the experience inspired him to write….)
  • Which CWA member’s entry in a cookery competition received the following verdict from Fanny Craddock: ‘Yuk!’

View the answers in issue 25 here.

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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