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Linda StratmannAppetite for Murder – Linda Stratmann

6th June 2014

Linda Stratmann has long been fascinated by historical crime, especially in the Victorian era. Having written several true crime books on the subject, she now brings her experience to a series of novels set in Victorian Bayswater. At their heart is a clever and determined female sleuth who grapples with knotty puzzle mysteries.

An Appetite For Murde


An Appetite For Murder

In 1880s Bayswater, the sudden death of overweight accountant, 49-year-old Thomas Whibley, sparks off an acrimonious furore involving rival diet doctors, vegetarians and the extremist Pure Food Society. Young sleuth Frances Doughty is approached by a former colleague of Whibley’s, Hubert Sweetman, to trace his estranged family.

Before she can start, the police arrive and arrest Sweetman for the murder of his wife. Frances and her burly assistant Sarah, delve into past mysteries to try and clear Mr Sweetman’s name. But is Sweetman really innocent? Where are his missing children? What really killed Thomas Whibley and why has his trusted manservant disappeared?

Release date: April 2014

Publisher: The Mystery Press.


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