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classic in the pits amy myeAmy Myers, Classic in the Pits

7th December 2013

Amy Myers lives in Kent. By chance, so does Jack Colby – her classic car sleuth. Evoking the golden age of crime, Amy’s tales are narrated by Jack. And the setting? Traditional Agatha Christie countryside, of course!

Classic in the Pits

When Jack Colby hears a rumour that Old Herne’s, the club for aviation and classic car veterans, is closing, he is appalled. As a result, he attends Swoosh – its annual event for members and their families – with mixed emotions. Primarily, he’s there to investigate the theft of the 356 Porsche belonging to Old Herne’s manager, the popular Mike Nelson. But far worse problems threaten the club when brutal murder proves to be on the programme. In his quest for the truth,

Jack crosses the path of a notorious gang-leader. Can Jack fight his way through a web of secrets to unmask the killer?

Release date: 31 December.

Publisher: Severn House

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