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Dying to KnowAlison Joseph, Dying To Know

7th December 2013

Alison Joseph is a London-based crime writer and also radio dramatist with about 25 radio plays and adaptations to her name. Her series of novels feature Sister Agnes, a contemporary detective nun based in South London.  However, her new novel marks a dramatic departure in both style and content: it’s a police procedural set in Kent. Looks like Alison has cast aside her nun habit!

Dying to Know

A crime novel about particle physics, Dying to Know is also about evidence, faith and love. The story centres around a particle collider in the marshy coastal areas of the Kent countryside, and it starts when one of the physicists is found drowned, having been pushed from an old ruined look-out tower. When a second, then a third, physicist is found dead in similar circumstances, DI Berenice Killick is forced to admit that she is dealing with a serial killer. But what has lured all three men to the tower?  And what is the connection between their deaths and an old alchemy book, kept by one of the dead men?

Berenice finds that the hunt for the killer draws her into the hidden history of the collider, and ultimately into the dangerous ice-cold depths of the tunnel itself…

Release date: November 2013 (ebook)

Publisher: Endeavour Press.

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