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A Midwinter MurderA Midwinter Murder by Peter Tonkin

1st April 2014

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A Midwinter Murder by Peter Tonkin

Christmas 1594.

Tom is called away from the dress rehearsal of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to receive terrible news: his brother John has been found dead, frozen with terror in the branches of a tree.

Rumour has it that the Barguest, a mythical monstrous hound, is loose on the Scottish Borders . . .

Tom rides north to investigate – only to find himself embroiled in a dark, deadly political conspiracy, where even his swordsmanship and logic may not help him…

Can Tom solve the mystery of his brother’s death?

Or is there more than meets the eye to this Midwinter Murder?

‘A Midwinter Murder’ is the thrilling third instalment of Peter Tonkin’s ‘Master of Defence’ series, featuring Elizabethan sleuth and sword-master Tom Musgrave.

“The grimmer aspects of Elizabethan London come alive in Peter Tonkin’s . . . Master of Defence series” Publishers Weekly

“Riveting tale full of fast action” Publishers Weekly on ‘The Point of Death’.

Peter Tonkin was born in Northern Ireland, and was raised in the UK, Holland, Germany, and the Persian Gulf. He has written thirty novels including ‘The Point of Death’ and ‘The Coffin Ship’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

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