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31st July 2018

A macabre liturgy. A mysterious carving. An intriguing 200-year-old mystery.

When Phineas Fox is asked to help with the music for bicentenary celebrations at Cresacre Abbey School, he does not expect to find fragments of a sinister medieval ritual within a locally written opera.

As Phin traces the threads of the past, he discovers that curious legends about the school’s history still linger, including the fate of a group of nuns who disappeared without trace more than 200 years before. What exactly happened to them? And who is the mysterious Ginevra, the shadowy figure whose true identity has never been known?

As he delves further, Phin begins to unravel a series of interlocking secrets, each one more puzzling – and sinister – than the last.


For a truly fascinating insight into how Sarah came to write Song of the Damned, visit the CRA blog.

Want to know more about Sarah and her books? Pop along to her profile page here.

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