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‘The Dead of Winter’ by David Stuart Davies

1st April 2022

The Dead of Winter
A Rupert Wild Mystery
by  David Stuart Davies
Level Best Books

A Golden Age mystery with a thread of darkness.

Having survived the First World War and been decorated for his bravery in battle Rupert Wilde is now back in civvy street wondering what to do with his life. On a whim he accepts his Aunt Julia’s invitation to a Christmas house party at Pelham house in the wilds of rural Norfolk. He takes with him his newly appointed assistant, Kishen, a young Oxford-educated Indian whom he met when he rescued him from a violent mugging. Little did Wilde know, there would be murder, intrigue and mutilated bodies awaiting him behind the ancient walls of Pelham house. Wilde and Kishen turn detective to get to the bottom of these puzzling and ghastly festive felonies. This is the first in a series of Rupert Wilde mysteries.

‘As cunning as Agatha Christie, as dark as Stephen King and as sophisticated as Dorothy L Sayers, The Dead of Winter,  with its thrills and surprises is a treat for mystery fans.

Read here for more about David Stuart Davies and his books.

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