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‘The Accident’ by Julia Stone

2nd December 2022

An unidentified young woman dies falling from a bridge onto Janice Thomason’s car. The police rule it as misadventure; not an act of suicide or murder, just an accident. But who was this woman? And what was she doing on the bridge with a bunch of helium balloons before she fell?

Janice feels that fate has thrown them together. And when the police mistakenly return the woman’s charm bracelet to Janice, she embarks on a quest to find out more about this stranger’s life.

As a genealogist, Janice is used to tracking down clues – is even a little obsessive, one might say… But when Janice lies about her own identity in the pursuit of information, she becomes entangled in the lives of the woman’s family and friends and is soon in too deep to back track. What will she discover about the dead girl’s story? And will Janice be uncovered as a fraud?

A brilliantly-written display of the inner workings of a well-intentioned but self-deluding mind.

You can read more about Julia Stone and her books here.

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