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joy ellis the colour of mysteryJoy Ellis – The Colour of Mystery

29th February 2024

Three nice people. Three terrible crimes. What made them do these awful things?

It’s the night shift worker who finds them. Huddled in a hospital store cupboard is elderly Edith Higgins. Knifed to death. Sitting behind her is Staff Nurse Lily Frampton, a scalpel clasped in her blood-soaked hand.

No one can understand why this kind-hearted, dedicated nurse would brutally murder a frail patient she’s spent months caring for.

That same day, mild-mannered schoolteacher Rod Black is found surrounded by the battered bodies of his pupils. Why would a well-respected teacher beat five schoolboys to death?

Then a third shocking — and equally inexplicable — incident takes place in a London homeless shelter.

What could turn three honest, upright citizens into cold-blooded killers?

Once again, DCI Bob Foreman calls on Ellie McEwan for help. Can Ellie use her extraordinary psychic gift to uncover the truth?

Read more about Joy and her books here.

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