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Case Files 31

7th March 2018

Case Files issue 31 – out soon!

Case Files is an ezine that profiles new or forthcoming novels from members of the Crime Writers’ Association.
Subscribing is free – and it let’s you discover which contributors in the forthcoming issue are behind these weird facts and odd confessions!

  • Which CWA member has four cats, each named after a famous TV detective: Columbo, Quincy, Sloan (as in Dr Mark Sloan from Diagnosis Murder) and Bunk (Bunk Moreland from The Wire)?
  • Which CWA member only writes in cafes around Oakland, California? (He would sit at his desk in his house, but the coffee’s not as good, and neither is the company.)
  • Which CWA member, after seeing her daughter giving birth to triplets, set parts of her latest novel in a special care baby unit?
  • Which CWA member writes on commuter trains so she can tell people she kills folk on the way to work?
  • Which CWA member once sat on Ken Dodd’s knee while he sang to her? (She can’t remember the song…)
  • Which CWA member, in the pursuit of accuracy for her spy novels, has obliterated a few targets with a pistol?
  • Which CWA member once stood on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, reciting Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time? (No one threw cabbages.)
  • Which CWA member has a Romany background and was born in the back of a barrel-top wagon?
  • Which CWA member has amassed over fifty types of yeast extract jar? (The finest collection in all of Berwickshire.)
  • Which CWA member once used CPR to rouse a person from death who’d been in cardiac arrest for half an hour?
  • Which CWA member got the idea for his crime series while on tour in Germany with his former indie-pop band?
  • Which CWA member broke the Downing Street Memos story, which proved the Bush administration “fixed” the intelligence on WMD to justify its 2003 invasion of Iraq?
  • Which CWA member is a method writer and so plays the bagpipes while plotting his Scottish crime novels
  • Which CWA member was once Cambridge University Women’s undisputed pool champion?

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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