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Case Files 27

21st July 2017

Case Files issue 27 – out soon!

Case Files is an ezine that profiles new or forthcoming novels from members of the Crime Writers’ Association.
Subscribing is free – and it let’s you discover which contributors in the forthcoming issue are behind these weird facts and odd confessions!

  • Which CWA member once got stuck in a revolving door with the bassist from Manic Street Preachers?
  • Which CWA member, while working full-time as a teacher, has averaged one book a year ever since the release of his debut, Killer, in 1978.
  • Which CWA member was sacked from Crossroads for artistic differences after writing only one episode
  • Which CWA member sent the beginnings of a novel to HarperCollins when she was 12? They expressed a ‘polite interest’ back then, but now publish her ‘grown up’ novels. Karma.
  • Which CWA member, in her previous career as a film producer, auditioned Tom Hiddleston for a part – and didn’t give it to him? (She still stands by that decision.)
  • Which CWA member is learning Welsh and Icelandic (because it is the closest living language to Old Norse)?
  • Which CWA member can speak Jamaican Patois?
  • Which CWA member nearly became dinner for a pack of lions when answering a call of nature while on safari in Tanzania?
  • Which CWA member accidentally sat on a handbag-shaped cake made by Jane Asher for the launch of a swanky west-end boutique? (Her buttocks left crescents in the chocolate icing.)

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Chris Simms, Editor, Case Files.

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