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Amy Myers — Murder at Tanton Towers

2nd May 2024

Everyone told Cara Shelly that she was crazy to set up a cafe in the shadow of eccentric Kentish stately home Tanton Towers. But now, three years later, the forty-something single mother can’t believe her good luck. The Happy Huffkin cafe is thriving, and Cara considers the Tanton Towers staff – and its equally eccentric owners, Max and Alison – to be more like family than colleagues. Three cheers for Tanton Towers!

But one beautiful summer evening, when Cara’s hard at work clearing up after closing time, Alison comes hurtling down to the cafe to beg her for help. It’s trouble – and of the worst kind. Daphne Hanson, queen of the Towers’ costume-clad dancing troupe – and the greatest nosy parker in Kent – is lying dead in the orangery. Strangled! But by whom? And why?

Determined that the culprit should not be one of her friends, and suspicious of the detective assigned the case – the deeply annoying, and annoyingly attractive DCI Andrew Mitchem – Cara launches her own investigation. But the more secrets she uncovers, the more she’s forced to consider the unthinkable: that one of her dear friends could be the killer . . .

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