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Manuscript assessment

What is the Criminal Critique & Editing service?

The CWA offers a critique service for aspiring crime fiction writers, to help you polish your writing and prepare your manuscript for submission to agents and publishers, or of course for competitions like our own Debut Dagger.

As an organisation we’re committed to the crime genre, and we know what makes a thrilling crime novel. Your work will be read and assessed by one of our experienced members, who will provide you with detailed feedback that will help you hone your writing.

Or it might be that you’ve moved beyond the critique stage and are looking for more in-depth editing. If so we offer that service, too, through our partner Fiction Feedback.

All the details are over on our CWA site.

What are the benefits?

Read our testimonials to get a good idea of how our services can help.

Finally, someone is telling me upfront and without filters: I like this, this is why – this doesn’t work, and this is why it doesn’t – get rid of this, but keep that! It was glorious! You’ve given me not only a map but the means to follow it confidently. – PY

It helped immensely with tabulating the opening’s strengths and weaknesses; I used every suggestion, and really appreciated the mentions of which details and lines worked well. Above everything else, it also gave me a huge boost of motivation and confidence to get it in better shape in time for submission. – SS

I had reached a real sticking point where I was scrolling through the manuscript not knowing what to do next, but knowing something needed doing. I now have something to work with. Many thanks again and what a wonderful reasonably priced service. – FJ

Fabulous service! Please pass on my thanks to the reader. I knew the manuscript needed more work, but wasn’t sure where to start. I really appreciate having some direction.
(Sharon, Western Australia)

I just wanted to say how helpful I found this assessment. I found it useful to have someone objective read the whole manuscript and it gave me some new ideas about how to approach the novel. This is a great service and I have recommended it to several other writers I know.
(Jackie, Scotland)

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