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Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams (born 1946) is a British author.

In 2011, the Observer placed him among the ten best modern European crime novelists.

He has written six crime novels set in Italy featuring Commissario Piero Trotti.

In “The Second Day of the Renaissance” (2017), Piero Trotti travels south to Rome to attend a wedding. On the return journey he is kidnapped outside Bologna.

In 2011 Williams introduced a new procedural series set in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, (where the series “Death is Paradise” is shot) featuring the investigative magistrate, Anne-Marie Laveaud. Another Sun, originally published as Un Autre Soleil in Paris was followed by The Honest Folk of Guadeloupe in 2015.

All his books are published by Soho Press.

Born in London and educated at St. Andrews, Williams taught at the universities of Poitiers in France, Bari and Pavia in Italy, and at Jassy in Romania. He taught for thirty in the French West Indies but now spends his time between Norwich, Southern Europe and Africa.

Other Awards

1992 CWA Awards (Black August – Commisario Pierro Trotti)

Books by Timothy Williams

  • Persona Non Grata Persona Non Grata


  • The Puppeteer


  • Black August
  • Big Italy Big Italy


  • Another Sun Another Sun

    Hive Amazon

  • Converging Parallels Converging Parallels


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