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Yvonne Vincent

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Author of the Losers Club murder mystery series.

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess (that would be me) started a blog on social media.  She loved writing and championing her fellow women, until one day, along came a tangle-haired troll called Boris, who decreed that she be locked away in a Covid-free room for months on end.  Her family pushed vital supplies of ice cream and chocolate raisins under the door, and there was even an attempt to build a Lego boat, but she was bored – so she wrote a book called The Big Blue Jobbie.  She didn’t know about agents and publishers and all the shiny marketing things.  She just popped it on ye olde Amazon and watched in wonder as it climbed the Kindle charts.

The princess was herself a reader and had recently segued from her usual thrillers and police procedurals into the world of romantic comedy.  I could write one of these, she thought.  So, she did.  Frock in Hell was born and it was meh.

Then the princess remembered a story she wrote many years before. She hated that story and the writing was terrible, but it had something. She kept the best bits, built on the plot and did lots of hard thinking until, in 2021, her first murder mystery, Losers Club, appeared.  It was surprisingly popular and Mumsnet proclaimed it a Best Summer Read in 2022.

The princess hadn’t set out to write a series.  In fact, she hadn’t set out to write at all. She was just a middle-aged woman who blogged in her spare time and shouted at her prince to stop leaving his socks on the bedroom floor.  Yet by 2023, seven books in the Losers Club series had been published and she had begun writing the Hunter Deed police procedurals.

Swept up in a world of books, agents, interviews and TV rights, she thought life really does take you to some funny and unexpected places.  Now, the big dish has been soaking for three days while the rest of the royal family ignores it.  There’s probably a good murder story in that…


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