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Joe Stein was born in London in the 1960s and educated (just about) in North London. His first job was in a scrap-yard, stripping copper out of electrical cables. He left there before it was raided by Customs and Excise and has been trying to stay out of trouble ever since. He admits to being an ex-musician and sometime amateur boxer and won’t say much else. He has worked in factories, warehouses, markets, spent two days on a building site before he realised it wasn’t the place for anyone with even mild vertigo and worked for over ten years in security and as a bodyguard, luckily getting married and being told to get a ‘proper’ job before the government decided to license the security industry. His training manual for bodyguards is now therefore out of date and a collectors’ item. Or maybe just out of date.

He always wanted to try to write and although his first book took many years to complete, he now has a dozen short stories and four novels to his name. He still lives in North London and has a full time day job to fit around the rest of his life.

Books by Joe Stein

  • Cold Fire, Calm Rage Cold Fire, Calm Rage


  • For My Sins For My Sins


  • Another Man’s World Another Man’s World

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  • Through Another Night Through Another Night

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  • That Twisted Thing Called Truth That Twisted Thing Called Truth

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