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Roger A Price

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Having served for over thirty years in the police where I was involved in both covert and overt roles, across the UK, Europe and beyond I retired as a detective inspector and started to write about the wrongs instead of trying to right them. My first two novels are from the covert side of things whereas my next three plus are more from a traditional detective perspective, with some sneaky-beaky stuff thrown in.

The first in this new ‘ Badge and the Pen’ series is ‘Nemesis’, the second is ‘Vengeance’, and the third, ‘Hidden’; they are all published by Lume Books.

The latest, HIDDEN, sees Vinnie and Christine on the the trail of those involved in the evil that is modern day slavery.

I also have a short story ‘Hard Time’ in Lume Books’ crime anthology, ‘Given in Evidence’, which acts as a prequel to Nemesis.

Books by Roger A Price

  • By Their Rules

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  • A New Menace

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  • Nemesis






  • The Badge and the Pen Thrillers.


  • Given in Evidence: A Collection of Crime and Thriller Short Stories.


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