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Simon Pearce

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Simon Pearce did a BA in Film in London before going on to do an MA at Newport International Film School in his homeland Wales. He spent many years writing film scripts and dabbling with short films before moving to Japan to teach English. After several years in Japan, he moved to Saudi Arabia.

While teaching in Saudi Arabia, he decided to direct his first feature length film back in the UK, Taking Care of Business (TCB). Simon then decided to adapt his darkly comic crime movie into a novel and enjoyed the experience so much that he has continued to write novels and short stories. He followed TCB up with 2 more crime novels that would become The Business Trilogy.

As well as writing novels, Simon started his own company Space Monkey Creations, which he uses as an outlet for not only his writing but also his clothing and video projects.

Books by Simon Pearce

  • Taking Care of Business Taking Care of Business


  • Back in Business Back in Business


  • Out of Business Out of Business


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