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David Nolan

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I was born in Dublin, brought up on the Northside, educated at UCD, support Bohemians, and lived there until I moved to the UK in 2001.

These days I live with my family in Manchester.

Rough Edges Press in the USA have published three books in my series about Tommy Conlon. He’s a WW1 veteran and pugilist who returns from the trenches in 1917 to Dublin on the verge of revolution and falls into a career searching for the missing. It’s a series inspired by the pulps of the 1940s to the 1970s; extremely violent and full of twists and turns. To me, Dublin in that era always seemed like a city that should be used in noir fiction or cinema: gaslit, full of atmosphere, stuffed with gunrunners, criminals, soldiers, spies, prostitutes and revolutionaries, I wanted to make it as vivid a backdrop to Conlon’s stories as I could.

In addition to my fiction, Pitch Publishing publish a book about Argentinian football in June 2023.

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