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Rebecca Millar

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Rebecca Millar is a freelance book editor based (currently) in London. Starting her career at Penguin Random House she became experienced in a wide variety of genres both fiction and non-fiction, but unable to beat her lifelong love of a good mystery, she specialises in crime, suspense and thriller – because she can’t beat the thrill of an unexpected twist – and loves the process of working with an author to shape and mould their writing into its finest condition. She has worked with Sunday Times bestselling authors including Gilly McMillan and Heidi Perks, as well as Top 10 Amazon-charting independent author Simon McCleave, but is always excited to work with writers at all stages of their career to make their manuscript the best it can be. She’d love to write her own crime novel one day, and her ‘office’ – if you can call the kitchen table that – is littered with Post-it notes of the beginnings of ideas. One day, they’ll bloom into fruition, but for now, she just loves helping other authors to make their work truly shine. If you’re interested in finding out more about working with Rebecca, head over to Rebecca Millar Editorial to find out more.

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