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Oleg Lurye is an Israeli writer, journalist and author of high-profile investigations dealing with corruption cases and mafia activities in different countries. Oleg Lurye has been repeatedly harassed, both by the secret services of various countries and by international criminal groups, because of his revealing articles and books. Two attempts have been made on his life.

The novel A Mirror Above the Abyss is a political thriller based on real and well-known tragic events and refuting the official versions.

“The results of Oleg Lurie’s investigations, supplemented by the author’s versions of the development of events, provided the basis of his novel A Mirror Above the Abyss. As the story unfolds, the author completely debunks well-known official versions of tragic events, referring to surprising facts and unlikely connections. At the same time, A Mirror Above the Abyss is easy to read, like a real criminal thriller.The action takes place both in our times and, in parallel, in 1963, 1981, 1999, and 2001, when the most infamous crimes of the century happened, be it President Kennedy’s assassination or the 9/11 destruction of WTC skyscrapers”.- UK Talk Radio

“For years, Oleg Lurye’s investigative has caused him no end of trouble, from harassment to physical attack. He has exposed corruption at the highest levels, provoking scandals, embarrassing authorities and forcing the dismissal of cabinet ministers. Mr. Lurye has also written about dubious dealings and wrongdoing by government insiders…  He knows he has powerful enemies. He gets death threats every two or three months. His home address was kept secret.”  –The Globe and Mail

“Lurye has very good sources”. – The Baltimore Sun


Books by Oleg Lurye

  • A Mirror Above the Abyss A Mirror Above the Abyss


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