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Lynn Hesse’s crime novel A Matter of Respect, Murder in Mobile, Book 2, the sequel to Well of Rage, Murder in Mobile was published in November 2022.

Officer Carly Redmond witnesses a robbery in progress and makes an off-duty arrest of a mentally ill man that leads to the death of a fellow officer by the suspect, Joshua Randall. Carly learns the video of Joshua murdering the officer with a switchblade is missing, and the radio printout is altered. Discovering how Joshua got the knife leads to uncovering dirty cops and a CEO willing to demolish Africatown.

Her 2022 suspense release, The Forty Knots Burn, is based on  a personal experience, the turmoil created by a maintenance man coming into the women’s dressing room at the author’s local wellness center and is fueled by Hesse’s interest in the outsider as exemplified by her dandelion performance persona. Her recurring interest in Roma culture fueled her research and served to develop her female con artist protagonist. A Matter of Respect and The Forty Knots Burn, and Hesse’s other books in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats may be purchased on Amazon: or

She won the 2015 First Place Winner, Oak Tree Press, Cop Tales, for her mystery, Well of Rage, a crime novel about a female rookie cop accused of mishandling evidence by her white-supremacist training officer, then tasked with solving the cold case murder of an African American teenager. Her second novel, Another Kind of Hero, was a finalist for the 2018 Silver Falchion Award and won the International Readers’ Chill Award in 2021. The mystery unfolds when a casket full of drugs and money found in the Pick’n Pay in Forsyth, Georgia, put two contentious sisters and an undercover DEA agent in jeopardy.

Her short story “Shrewd Women,” involving an elderly women revenge plot against real estate solicitors, was published by Etched Onyx Publications and The Story  Discovery Podcast, July 2022. “Bitter Love,” a humorous view of a bad day involving a murder, appeared in Crimeucopia, The I’s Have It in 2021 by Murderous Ink Press, United Kingdom. “Jewel’s Hell,” a story about domestic violence, was published in 2019 in Me Too Short Stories: An Anthology by Level Best Books and edited by Elizabeth Zelvin. Her short story about domestic homicide, “Murder: Food For Thought,” was published in the anthology Double Lives, Reinvention & Those We Leave Behind by Wising Up Press in 2009. Also, it was adapted into a play.

A retired police lieutenant, Hesse draws from her experiences on the force to create gripping plot twists and multi-dimensional characters. She enjoys a daily yoga practice, and as an accomplished dancer she performs with several dance and theatrical troupes in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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