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Dominique Gracia

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Dominique Gracia is a researcher of Victorian literature and culture, and a writer of short fiction and other bits and bobs. She is fascinated by things that come up again and again, and run below the surface, from Greek mythology to cultural tropes that just won’t die, and the emotions that carry them along. Her academic work on detective fiction includes pieces published in Victorian Popular Fictions and A Study in Sidekicks. Her first book-length collection of short stories—The Meinir Davies Casebook—is available for pre-orders now to follow Welsh female detective Meinir through Victorian London solving cases with Sherlock Holmes, Dorcas Dene, and more. She is currently working on a modern-day novel about a missing girl, The Lila Stop.

Books by Dominique Gracia

  • The Meinir Davies Casebook The Meinir Davies Casebook


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