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Caroline Dunford

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Caroline loves telling stories and has done so since she was little. Despite wanting to be a professional writer, she is still surprised to realise she has over thirty books published. As it turns out, it wasn’t so much of a career choice as a realisation that it was a lifelong calling – or as some may put it, a rather particular form of madness.

She has a love of putting characters in a crucible and turning up the heat. In fiction, as in real life, she believes that it’s only under times of pressure that human nature reveals it’s best – and its worst. However, Caroline is also a perennial optimist who believes in balancing the dark with the light and so she likes injecting humour into her books.

Her best loved series, The Euphemia Martin’s Mysteries, about a young woman who, through no fault of her own, ends up as an agent in the SIS during WWI, now has a spin-off with The Hope Stapleford Adventures. In these books, Hope, her daughter, is also reluctantly dragging into the service during WWII by her ever-manipulative godfather, the spymaster Fitzroy (who started out as a minor character but who took on a life of his own, who has his own fandom, and who has his diary entries published on Fridays at

Recently Caroline has embarked on writing YA, with the publication of Fake News. It’s her response to the relaxed attitude many have to truth these days. It also has spies in it, but that was quite by accident… She will continue to write more YA, along with more tales of Euphemia and Hope.

Caroline lives in the beautiful City of Edinburgh. She is a Teaching Fellow, working part time at Edinburgh University. She loves cooking (particularly Middle Eastern fare), avoids housework as much as possible, practices yoga, is into RPGs and good board games. She lives in a house full of males – her long-suffering partner and their two sons.

Although she spends much of her time writing about spies, she has definitely, never ever, been a spy herself. Honest.

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Books by Caroline Dunford

  • A Death at the Hospital: A Euphemia Martins Mystery


  • A Death at the Race: A Euphemia Martins Mystery


  • A Death on Stage: A Euphemia Martins Mystery


  • Hope to Survive


  • Hope for the Innocent


  • Hope for Tomorrow Hope for Tomorrow


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