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T. J. Coulton’s “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers” are set in Japan, a country he knows well, having worked in Tokyo throughout the 1980s. His writing draws extensively on his familiarity with Japanese daily life and customs.

The author honed his writing skills copywriting for a Japanese advertising agency before returning to Britain. He then worked for Reuters in London for 20 years before retiring to his native Devon.

Three crime novels make up “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers”: “The Consignment”, “Sea of Trees” and “Storm from the North”. They all feature Japanese detectives Kazuo Yamaguchi and Yuki Sekikawa.

“The Chrysanthemum Thrillers” span the period from the 2004 Asian tsunami to the 2011 tsunami in Fukushima.

A keen sportsman, Tim Coulton still turns out for his local cricket team, plays squash and is an exponent of the Japanese martial art aikido.

“The Consignment” – “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers” Book 1

In Thailand, Swedish holidaymaker Eva Lindström is gravely injured in the tsunami. She wakes in hospital only to find her 10-year-old daughter Mia is missing.

Her frantic search starts. Eva will not accept her daughter is among the dead.

Eva’s quest leads her north to Japan. Lost and confused, she finds help from surprising quarters.

Mia’s fate hangs in the balance. Will Eva reach her in time?

“Sea of Trees” – “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers” Book 2

A young American teacher goes missing in Japan. Everything points to suicide.

Detectives Kazuo Yamaguchi and Yuki Sekikawa suspect otherwise.

Their investigations lead them to a reclusive religious community in the foothills of Mount Fuji. And the terrible secret hidden behind its walls.

The clock is ticking.

“Storm from the North” – “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers” Book 3

In the mountainous north of Japan, a couple’s life is at risk. Innocent victims of a seismic shift in Beijing’s political landscape.

In Yokohama’s Chinatown, an underworld boss spins a web of murderous intrigue. Before he finds himself in the crosshairs.

Detectives Kazuo Yamaguchi and Yuki Sekikawa have to unravel the strands. Before more people die.

What the readers say about “The Chrysanthemum Thrillers”:

“A great read which held the attention the whole way through.”

“Cleverly and intelligently written. Well-developed characters with an intricate international plot. All woven with the culture of Japan. Very highly recommended.”

“Mr Coulton’s deep understanding of the Japanese culture is evident throughout.”

“The book is well researched and pacey, lifting the lid on Japanese culture. A true page turner with a terrific ending.”

“Love the style. Short sentences, never taking the foot off the throttle.”

“Every page is captivating with a backdrop of a world very different from my own.”

“A whirlwind of action and drama from start to finish.”

“The author writes with his usual uncomplicated and dynamic style and keeps the reader enthralled throughout.”

Books by Tim Coulton

  • The Consignment The Consignment


  • Sea of Trees Sea of Trees


  • Storm from the North Storm from the North


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