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C V Chauhan was born in a small town in the Rift valley in Kenya and emigrated with his family to Leicester at the age of 11. He graduated from the University of York and taught history in secondary schools in London and Birmingham, and latterly inspected schools all over England. He recently gave up full-time work to focus on his writing.

His debut novel, ‘The Dance of Death’, published by Sapere Books, is set in the heart of Leicester and is the first in a series. The central character, Rohan Sharma, is a relatively new and inexperienced homicide detective of South Asian origin. An able, widely read individual in his mid-thirties he straddles different cultures and backgrounds. He likes classical Western music, including Italian opera, but also enjoys listening to pop music and Bollywood songs. He likes white wine and eating good food. He is charged with finding a psychopathic, schizophrenic killer whose ethnicity is not initially apparent, leading to all sorts of complications regarding the politics of race and identity. The book has been well-received by readers and many say it is a real page turner.

The second book in the series, ‘Shattered Dreams’ will be published on 10 February 2023.

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