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Linda Bennett is one of two founder directors of QuoScript. QuoScript is an adventurous new publisher recently created to discover and publish the work of crime and Young Adult authors (including some that combine both genres). Eventually it will widen its net to embrace other types of fiction and beyond that, some non-fiction works.

At QuoScript, Charlie is in charge of the supply chain and distribution; Linda, of creative and editorial. Both QuoScript directors are very experienced in their respective areas. Both will support authors with extensive and imaginative marketing campaigns and strong but not intrusive editorial advice.

Although QuoScript is a young company, it has set up a robust supply chain on both sides of the Atlantic, created by the formation of alliances with some of the world’s foremost printers and distributors. Readers from most countries across the globe will be able to source QuoScript titles with ease.

QuoScript is not a “digital first” publisher. It publishes in paperback and e-book formats simultaneously. If an author is exceptionally successful, it will consider publishing his or her books retrospectively in hardback, or bringing his or her second novel out in hardback first. It operates a standard royalty model.

CWA members who are interested and have completed MSs of novels they are seeking to publish, those who have so far written only a synposis and a few chapters and even those who are still working on ideas are encouraged to get in touch with QuoScript, either by emailing or Linda direct at

As well as encouraging both new and established authors and helping them to publish their work, QuoScript wants to support jacket illustrators and designers and would like to hear from any who might be interested in collaborating.

In addition, QuoScript is opening up its supply chain to act as an “umbrella” for other small publishers. The publishing partners it chooses must all be a good fit with its own publishing ideals. At its launch towards the end of 2020 it had already set up marketing and supply arrangement with Hope and Plum, an independent publisher working with several different genres and DoubleA Publishing, a Ukraine-based independent publisher aiming to extend its readership into new markets.

QuoScript’s crime list will launch jointly with CWA member Christina James’s new novel, De Vries, a sequel to Sausage Hall, her most successful novel to date, and The Physics of Grief, by Mickey Corrigan, an accomplished American crime writer and author of eight novels and six volumes of poetry. There are already two more crime novels in the pipeline, one the winner of QuoScript’s 2020 NaNoWriMo competition.

Linda Bennett, the “face” of QuoScript is a former Business Director of Waterstone’s. In 2001 she founded Gold Leaf, a small business development and market research company that mainly works with academic publishers ( She has worked as a director of other small publishing houses and edited many novels, especially in the crime genre. She often speaks at festivals, bookshop events and in libraries, both as an editor and as an author, and frequently runs author “surgeries”. She is happy to take part in radio and television programmes about writing and to contribute articles to national and regional newspapers and magazines. She will also write guest articles for bloggers and talk reading groups.

Charlie has had a distinguished career working in production and distribution for several well-known publishing houses and print and distribution companies. She prefers to stay out of the limelight but will be working tirelessly for authors behind the scenes and of course will keep QuoScript’s all-important supply chain firmly on track.

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