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Cursing 'n' Killing

Unlike films, there is no certification for books. Yet crime novels, thanks to their subject matter, have a fair amount of choice stuff contained within. I’ve received enough shocked emails about my own books to know that not every reader is comfortable with swearing and violence. Always eager to please, I’ve invented a unique scoring system (patents pending, of course) for the two categories and each book is scored accordingly!

The Profano- Meter

lets you know how many expletives to expect.

Harmless As clean as a nun's conscience Mild The odd naughty word here and there Spicy I say, the language is a bit strong Oh! This'll make a fish-wife blush

The Platelet- Counter

lets you know how much of the red-stuff gets spilled.

Spotless Not a drop is shed Eek Nothing a plaster couldn't fix Ugh Some parts get pretty squishy Whoah! You'll need a raincoat to read this

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31st May 2023

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International Literary Properties (ILP), the global company that invests in, acquires, and manages the intellectual property rights to books, plays and other literary works, has announced their sponso... Read more

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